Wisconsin Outdoor Communicators Assn.

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Contact Information


President: Pat Durkin          Phone: 715-256-1684    E-mail:  patrickdurkin56@gmail.com
Vice President: Bob Haase      Phone: 920-922-8003      E-Mail:  flytier@milwpc.com
Secretary: Laurel Steffes     Phone: 608-222-9738     E-mail: Laurel.Steffes@gmail.com
Treasurer: Laurel Steffes     Phone: 608-222-9738     E-mail: Laurel.Steffes@gmail.com 
Membership Chair: Paul Smith          E-mail  psmith@journalsentinel.com
Newsletter Editor: Phone: Pat Durkin     715-256-1684   E-mail:  patrickdurkin56@gmail.com

Webmaster: Bob Haase

Board of Directors

Art Barlow, Jerry Kiesow, Judy Nugent, Bob Wilberscheid

Membership Information

Membership is open to anyone who communicates about the outdoors.  Individual memberships are $25.00 per year.  For more information about memberships in WOCA please contact Pat Durkin at 715-256-1684, or Laurel Steffes at 608-222-9738.  Please go to the "Members" page for more information about membership and to download a Membership Application Form.