Wisconsin Outdoor Communicators Assn.

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Contact Information


President: Pat Durkin          Phone: 715-256-1684    E-mail:  patrickdurkin56@gmail.com
Vice President: Bob Haase      Phone: 920-922-8003      E-Mail:  flytier@milwpc.com
Secretary: Laurel Steffes     Phone: 608-222-9738     E-mail: Laurel.Steffes@gmail.com
Treasurer: Laurel Steffes     Phone: 608-222-9738     E-mail: Laurel.Steffes@gmail.com 
Membership Chair: Vacant
Newsletter Editor: Phone: Laurel Steffes 608-222-9738  E-mail: Laurel.Steffes@gmail.com

Webmaster: Bob Haase

Board of Directors

Art Barlow, Jerry Kiesow, Bob Wilberscheid, Dave Zeug, Bob Haase, Lisa Gaumnitz, Dave Carlson, Roger Sabota.

Membership Information

Membership is open to anyone who communicates about the outdoors.  Individual memberships are $25.00 per year.  For more information about memberships in WOCA please contact Pat Durkin at 715-256-1684, or Laurel Steffes at 608-222-9738.  Please go to the "Members" page for more information about membership and to download a Membership Application Form.